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The industrial recycling chain at the fair
Metalriciclo-Recomat 2011 is scheduled from 19 to 21 May

Italy is one of the biggest players in the recycling industry at a global level, an activity focused on the recovery and reuse of industrial materials, a necessary choice for a country with a high level of manufacturing which has no raw materials available in its territory. It was just a few decades ago that the recycling of materials was invented by small businesses to save on costs. Today used materials are recovered and reused to compete, and thus an entire business sector with extraordinary vitality was cre-ated. It has the rootedness of a chain complete with specialised machinery, plants and equipment for the processing of industrial scrap.
A dedicated trade fair is closely associated with this complex and articulated industrial chain, Metalriciclo-Recomat 2011, the international exhibition of technologies for the recovery and recycling of industrial materials, environmental quality and energy efficiency to be held from 19 to 21 May at the Garda Exhibition Centre in Montichiari, Brescia, Italy. It is a unique event in the Italian exhibition arena, engaged in a highly manufacturing area. Now in its fourth edition, the exhibition is recognized by the operators of the recovery and recycling chain as a specialised meeting of reference. On display will be the best of technological innovation at the service of the recycling of materials: plants, machinery, equipment, systems, technologies for the recovery and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastic, rubber, inert materials, composites, paper, glass and wood. A major international event, dedicated to the analysis and development of technologies for the collection and processing of materials, regulations, legislation, and the market.

The industrial context
The figures related to the recycling of materials in some cases are very impressive. For example, looking at aluminium, one of the non-ferrous metals well known for its high ability to be recovered and reused, according to the 2010 Recycling Italy Report, by FISE-UNIRE and the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Italy is in second place in Europe in the recycling of light alloys after Germany. On the whole, the domestic industry employed about 683,000 tonnes of scrap aluminium from Italy (49%) and abroad (51%), 31,200 tonnes of which was packaging waste. It was 53% pre-consumer and 47% post-consumer scrap. According to the report, with respect to 2008 the aluminium industry recorded in 2009 a 19% drop in packaging waste sent for recycling and a 7.5% drop of packaging introduced into the market. Nevertheless, the 2008 recycling objective was exceeded. In addition, there was a 6.3% increase in recycled materials through the consortium management in comparison with a 23.9% decrease from independently operated recycling systems.
Remember that aluminium is widely used in the food sector for a wide range of packaging intended to contain and protect food (tubes, trays, cans, spray bottles, aluminium foil) and drinks (cans and caps).
Continuing in the field of metals, the data on the recycling of steel are also interesting, despite the contraction in demand and in steel production in 2009 both in Italy and in other industrialized countries. In 2009 Italy produced 19.8 million tonnes of steel products compared to 30.6 million tonnes in 2008, down 35.1%. Where does the recycled steel that feeds more than 40% of steel production in Italy come from? More than 99% of the steel from vehicles, more than 60% of steel from cans and 84% of the steel recovered from demolition is recycled.
The plastics industry, after the glass industry, has been affected less by the crisis of the last two years. This is a sector composed of over 300 companies, with around 2,000 employees, and a recycling capacity of one and a half million tonnes per year.
In contrast, Italy is in last place in Europe in the recovery of inert materials, those from construction and demolition and other industrial waste, a sector which in Europe produces about 850 million tonnes of waste each year, equivalent to more than 30% of total waste in Europe.

Metalriciclo-Recomat is not just an exhibition
The development of recycling is clearly also based on technical know-how and the knowledge of updated information and legislation in force. As a result, the exhibition will be complemented by a special programme of collateral events devoted to the ‘hot’ topics for the sector, such as the recovery of WEEE, ELV and inert materials, the latest updates in the regulatory field, and the complexity of the recovery of tyres.
Metalriciclo-Recomat has the support of key recycling institutions and associations which include AIB-Confindustria, AIM, AIR, APER, Assofermet, Assomet, Assorimap, the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, CiAl, Confcommercio, Consorzio Argo, Consorzio Carpi, Ecodom, Enea, Federacciai, the Province of Brescia, Uncsaal in Italy and BIR, FACE and OEA in Europe.
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